Rodent on the Run – A Mouse Tail

A few years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and hammering it out on my laptop (much as I am today), and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a mouse.


“No”, I said to myself. No way, no how. Must have been a shadow.

Until it happened again the next morning.

Double gross.

So I called the husband and told him I thought we had a mouse. He told me I was seeing shadows.


Morning three gave me a clear view of the little bastard. It was one of those surreal moments where you know you just saw a mouse run under your dishwasher but you’re the only one home and the dog can’t talk so there goes your eye witness.

This time I called my mom. She tells me they have mouse traps if I want to borrow them. (don’t you just love how mom will always give you the benefit of the doubt?) But I was hesitant. I knew my kids wouldn’t bother them but my dog probably would and I really didn’t want him popping his nose. She also told me where there’s one there’s usually two.

Well shit.

Later in the week I get a call from my kids.

“Ugh mom? Charmin killed a mouse in our room.”

Meet Charmin

Charmin and his boy

Well way to go Charmin! One down. One to go?

Fast forward a few weeks.

It’s that wonderful time of night where the parents are relaxing in the living room watching the ‘ol boob-tube and the kiddies are showered and brushed, quietly entertaining themselves until bedtime.

Offspring number 2 informs me that he will be building Lego’s until bed.

From the living room I hear the unmistakable, cringe worthy sound of a GIANT box of Lego’s being dumped on his floor.

And then a blood curdling scream.

It was actually more of a blood curdling scream with a squeal thrown in for good measure.

So I went running.

And there my friends, was mouse number two laying amongst the Lego’s.


Here’s what we think happened upon inspection of Stuart Little:

The evidence showed heart failure with a side of cat-got-your-throat. Too, graphic?

And we think that after being slung into the air by our wonderful Charmin, mouse managed to escape the clutches of the ruthless cat villain where he then crawled into the haven of the Lego box and breathed his last.

So there you have it folks. My mom was right; where there is one there will probably be two.

Old Charmin earned his keep that summer and we haven’t seen a mouse in the house since.

Always end you day with laughter my friends,

Olive Oyl Momma


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